Friday, May 9, 2008

Next events

So the next event coming up is Bellmead in Waco on May 17th. I had wanted to go to this one but now I'm teetering. Between wardrobe issues and real life issues, it might just not happen. I'm thinking of compromising and not dressing out and at least get some pictures as it is not that far away and just do a day trip.

The next event I'm really pushing toward is Athens in Missouri in (yuck) August. It will be similar to Henkel Square. It should be a great time if I can survive the heat and humidity. This is the first time I've travelled so far for an event; the furthest being Pleasant Hill just over the state line into Louisiana.

I want to have a wrapper and sheer dress done for this event so I'll be a sewing monster between now and then. I have the fabric for both. I plan to replicate this dress and the fabric I have is almost exactly the same.

Here is the fabric and the trim.

I also want another chemise and a couple new petticoats; I always do this, wait until the last minute to put things together.

I plan to make use of the travel up north to also visit the Steamboat Arabia museum, which I have wanted to visit for ages. Since I'll be so close I will have to visit.

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