Friday, August 12, 2011

Experimental Archeology

I've been thinking about added to some research done by Vicki Betts on the kitchen gardens of the lower South. Along with this I wanted to plant a period kitchen garden just to see how it would work, what's involved etc. My office is in a complex of historic structures, one built in the 1850s. Recently the courtyard area was restructured into a garden area and the staff were allowed to adopted plots and plant. So, I am adopting a plot and along with a co-worker, putting in a kitchen garden of sorts. At least the plants will be those that were mentioned in diaries transcribed by Vicki and varieties that were available prior to 1860.

I'll post entries on the progress as I move along, probably not many in period dress as most work will be done at work. More information on Vicki's garden research can be found at

Friday, August 5, 2011

Internet radio station

Did it. I started an Internet radio station for 1850s and 60s music. You can find it at and search for Hoopskirts and Frockcoats.
Only about an hour up right now, but working on more.