Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Wrapper Continues

When using the Past Pattern wrapper pattern, be sure to pay attention to the pattern piece lay out. But all turned out well and I have the front and back together and am working on the lining. The bodice will be lined but the skirt will only be faced in the front. I'm sewing completely by hand so it's taking some time.

The re-enacting season in Texas is over other than a few small living history events at living history sites. This is when I get most of my sewing done and wardrobe revamped, ready for the next round of events in the fall. This year will be a bit more of a push though with Athens in August.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Missing Bellmead

The last event of the spring season in Texas is this weekend and I'll have to pass. Real life activities have claimed my time. So now I will be looking forward to Athens, Mo. in August and the fall event season here in Texas. It looks like an 1850s event is coming together at Fort McKavett in October or November. I also think on my way to Athens I'm going to take a side trip to see the Steamboat Arabia museum. Plus all the sewing I want to do for the upcoming events; especially if the 1850s event comes to be, that means a whole new wardrobe!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


The first garment I'm going to start on is the wrapper; it's what I don't have so make sense to me to start there.

Here is the main fabric of the wrapper alone and with the trim.

I plan to use the strips of the red rouched around the edges and use frog clasps for the closings. I'm using the Past Pattern wrapper as the base pattern.

The trim will be applied similar to this. Except that it will follow down the front around the neck rather than follow the front dart line.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Next events

So the next event coming up is Bellmead in Waco on May 17th. I had wanted to go to this one but now I'm teetering. Between wardrobe issues and real life issues, it might just not happen. I'm thinking of compromising and not dressing out and at least get some pictures as it is not that far away and just do a day trip.

The next event I'm really pushing toward is Athens in Missouri in (yuck) August. It will be similar to Henkel Square. It should be a great time if I can survive the heat and humidity. This is the first time I've travelled so far for an event; the furthest being Pleasant Hill just over the state line into Louisiana.

I want to have a wrapper and sheer dress done for this event so I'll be a sewing monster between now and then. I have the fabric for both. I plan to replicate this dress and the fabric I have is almost exactly the same.

Here is the fabric and the trim.

I also want another chemise and a couple new petticoats; I always do this, wait until the last minute to put things together.

I plan to make use of the travel up north to also visit the Steamboat Arabia museum, which I have wanted to visit for ages. Since I'll be so close I will have to visit.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Battle of Port Jefferson

This was a very different event weekend for me as I didn't really attend the event. Steven and I didn't leave Austin until Saturday morning and went straight to Karnack for a tour of Caddo Lake. It's about a 5 hour drive; we got there about 1:30. The tour was great, very beautiful. The weather could not have been better.

Then into Jefferson. We passed the event site on the way and it didn't look very crowded and hardly no tentage (found out later that most camped in town). Checked into the hotel--the Jefferson Inn, nice place and for those of you who know the hotel...no we saw no ghost nor experienced any paranormal activity. Then to lunch. Went to Auntie Skinner's. Ok but not great, very slooow. Caters to the bikers that go through town.

We then decided that we would hit the event site on Sunday and rest up Saturday for the ball. So took a nap and then looked around town. Jefferson is a beautiful little town full of cute Victorian houses and cottages many built before the Civil War.

The ball this year was held inside the CVA building instead of the courtyard. The courtyard is cute but just not big enough. Time Was played this ball as well. The chamber of commerce guy at the door was kind of a jerk about my registration and such. I had called them to tell them I would be late arriving on Saturday and wrote the same on the registration I faxed. When we got there the Chamber was empty and they were apparently at the battlefield but said they would continue registration at the ball. Well apparently not as they did not have my registration at the ball and really made it very difficult and were pretty snotty about the whole thing. I felt as if they didn't believe me and that I was trying to get into the ball free.

The ball was well attended I think; it was hard to tell in the bigger room. There were enough couples to consistantly make up 4-5 rows of 6 couples for the reels. The ball was supposed to last until 11 but ended about 10:15. Don't know what was up with that.

Sunday had a cold breakfast at Auntie Skinner's, checked out and went out to the battlefield. Since it was still early and most had camped in town there wasn't much going on. The battle wasn't until 1:30 so we just decided to head home.

It was a nice weekend, but it appears that there were fewer visitors in town and fewer reenactors. It's really too bad as the town could potentially be a great site. However, with the price of gas, the distance, the lack of civilian activities and the treatment by the chamber people it is unlikely that I will be going back.

Additional pictures can be found on my website at http://www.geocities.com/txcwcivilian/PhotoGallery.html

Friday, May 2, 2008

Found the coolest living history group. http://skirmishmagazine.ning.com/
It encompasses all periods and countries. There are some great pictures on the site. I'm enjoying it.

So leave for Jefferson tomorrow morning. We are going to take a bayou tour when we get there. Then dress out, go to the site, get some pictures. There will be some garden tours too that should be nice.