Thursday, August 22, 2013

Red Check Dress Trimmings

The ribbon came in. And then a wonderful friend K had some great red buttons that are a perfect match. As a reminder, here is the inspiration dress:

And here are the trimmings I am using

The ribbon will be ruched around the edges of the sleeve; you can just barely see it on the inspiration photo. I purchased Marge Harding's Victoria's Trims: Victorian Ribbon Trims and Embellishments a couple of years ago and can't wait to try out some of the examples on the sleeves.

The only thing I need is the white silk to line the sleeves. I'll be in Gettysburg next week and will, of course, visit Needle and Thread. I'll probably find the perfect fabric there.

I recently found that my bodice block has gone missing so I need to make a new pattern and mock up before I cut into the fabric. But first to clean off the sewing table!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Next Project

Since my future plans have been postponed indefinitely I think I'll put some energy into a new dress for a couple of events coming up. First up Texian Market Days in October and in line with tradition a new dress will be required. The same dress will see service in November at Remembrance Day in Gettysburg. A new bonnet will be required for Remembrance day and probably some kind of outerwear. So better get busy. Here is the fabric. A silk and I have 11 yards. This is the fabric I got several months ago at the closing sale of Glicks in Houston at a really good price.

 And the inspiration dress.

There is another dress that would work really well, but after looking at it a little longer I realize I had made it already! My red and black plaid with the velvet trim. So this one I think is a great one as well, with some nice silk ribbon trim just along the edge of the sleeves. I think I have the buttons, which will be decorative. The collar will probably be just plain white cotton as appears on this dress. I've not used this style of collar before but I might change my mind on this one as I look around some more. I think also this dress is a gathered bodice rather than darted. Reminder to self...cut to match the checks! Those of you who know the story of the blue plaid will understand :).

I will be in Gettysburg next week so probably will need a stop at Needle and Thread! So off to get ready to sew. Progress pictures will be posted as usual.