Wednesday, November 26, 2008

On With the Ball

No reeanctments coming up nor any sewing at the moment. I am, however, concentrating on the ball in January. I have added some new links to the ball page of my website. I think this will be fun. The caller is really excited about it as well, which will just add to the evening.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

No Liendo

Well decided not to go to Liendo. The weather was not great and none of my friends were able to go this year, so I stayed home. It sounds that others stayed away as well. It's a great site and at one time was a great event, but I think it has too many modern vendors and few period sutlers now. Skuttlebutt is that the event may be ending as the site owner has some medical issues to deal with. Many events in Texas are going by the wayside and I'm not sure what is the real issue behind it.

Up next then is the ball, I hope. Have picked out my ball gown, still looking for the fabric. Probably won't start on it until after December 31 when I'll know for sure if the ball will make. Here is the inspiration, the blue one on the left.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Henkel Square

Henkel Square is over and I'm tired. But the event was fun, the site had more visitors than I think they usually do, and all the participants seemed to have a good time and want to see the event continue. The site had about 47 visitors, the majority saying they came out because of the Texas Highways article, and we had about 11 participants. Very small group of Henkel Square residents, but it worked. We could not have asked for better weather; it was beautiful! Clear skies, maybe 70 degrees, a slight breeze, chilly at night...perfect reenacting weather.

Steven and I arrived at the site about 1:00 on Friday to set up. We had the Muckelroy house and the Schumann I to set up as a general store. Most everyone arrived later that afternoon or later that night. We had three boarders in our house for the weekend. Saturday morning we got up and prepared for the day. I knew that it would be work cooking for the household plus two other guests I was expecting, but the reality really hit on Saturday. Made eggs, ham, and biscuits for breakfast. Got it served, cleaned up and immediately started getting the stew ready for dinner. Had a brief opportunity to run get the mail while the stew, well stewed, then to serve lunch and clean up. The men in the meantime spent the morning playing dominos at the store and lounging around.

I finally got to read my letter from Silvana at the Boonesfield Mo. event. The letter exchange really made the event special, to receive unexpected mail. It also gave an interesting ice breaker with the public. That afternoon I was able to go pay some visits and we found out from a rider that Lincoln had won the election, which spread fast and caused quite a stir. Captain Crosby, of course, reassured the community that no rash action would be taken by the state and that great thought would be put into what the state would do next. At the post office, Mrs. Betts read her letters from her family.

Supper that evening was simple with cheese, eggs, ham, and bread. The evening was passed by the gentleman playing dominos and I repairing my corset.

Sunday one of our gentleman boarders was so kind as to prepare our meals. We also had church service with Mr. Collison filling in for Mr. Nix and giving a wonderful serman. Mrs. Russell provided the music on her dolcimer. Church was held outside under the oaks as some visitors who had used the church on Saturday failed to remove their property. But the day was so lovely, it was a pleasure to sit outside. After church we gathered on the porch of the Muckelroy house and visited for some time. Then we dispersed to our respective homes for lunch and to prepare for departure.

Although this year's event was small everyone seemed to enjoy it and expressed an interest in seeing the event continue. We're looking at possible dates in November 2009 or February or May of 2010. We also discussed different scenarios for the event and possible activities. The lack of activities this year was my fault; I really zoned out the last few months with medical issues but now hopefully they are under control and I will be more in tune and proactive with the planning of the next event.

Pictures of the event are posted on my website.

So the next event is Liendo in 2 weeks. I think I'm just going out for the day. Look for a post and pictures after the 22nd.