Monday, October 27, 2008

TMD 2008

What a weekend. First to Round Top for a school day at Henkel Square with about 600 kids all between 8:30 or so and noon. Then to George Ranch for Texian Market Days. Stayed in the 1860s house Friday and Saturday nights. It didn't seem that we had as many people as last year but still there was a steady stream of visitors throughout the day. Nancy and I sat in the parlor with Collette, one of the site docents. She was so good with her knowledge of the house and family, we pretty much let her talk and we sat for pictures :). Two Texas Rifles civilians took the kitchen and cooked stew, which was a big hit with the visitors. In the afternoon our house was over ran by Yankees with the Confederates coming to the rescue. Not really a true Texas scenario, but the public loved it and it was a fun time. The site provided a hospitality tent for the reenactors with sandwiches and drinks. Saturday evening was the traditional dinner, but not barbeque this year. As it was the 25th there was a slide show running with shots from various years' events. Different staff members and volunteers were recognized for their work with the event and cute "Texian Market Days" pins were given out to all the reenactors.

The event is only a one day event so Sunday just loaded up, surveyed their cemetery for a designation and come home. Pictures from the event can be seen at

I did wear the new silk and here it is

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Busy weekend

Tomorrow begins a very busy weekend even though it's Thursday. I'm going to leave work about 1:00 and travel to Dubina in Fayette County to visit a cemetery we are getting ready to designate historic. It's a wonderful cemetery associated with one of the "Painted Churches". I'm staying at a motel overnight as I really didn't feel comfortable staying out at Henkel Square by myself. I have to be at Henkel by 8:00 for a school day--over 500 kids all in the morning. I'm going to the wear cotton work dress, apron and slat bonnet rather than dress up, something different. That afternoon I'll drive down to George Ranch and Texian Market Days on Saturday, then home Sunday. I'm wearing the new silk on Saturday and will have pictures up next week. I'm a little bummed that I don't have a bonnet to go well with my silk; however, the hair net from Vivian Murphy will go well with the silk in the house.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Silk update

Bodice is done and so are the undersleeves. Only thing left is the skirt, which, I'm sorry to say, will be machine stitched, at least the long seams, just running out of time. Photos to be posted as I can, but probably not until the whole thing is done.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


I found the buttons for the new silk dress.

I'm going to use my existing pinner apron (the blue) for Piney Woods and a friend had started a quilted sunbonnet that she didn't plan to finish, so I'll finish that and use it.

Piney woods requires a photo prior to the event, so once the silk is done I'll start on Piney Woods clothes so I can get a photo. If it's not accepted, oh well, I can use the stuff here in Texas.

The silk mock up is done. I had to adjust the pattern a bit as the sleeve jockey was not what I wanted. I will fit it today with my corset, I hope, and start on the silk. The lining silk has not yet come in but at least I can get stuff cut out, marked and start on the skirt, undersleeves and collar. I would like to have this done by TMD in 3 weeks; I may have to machine some of it.