Thursday, April 23, 2009

Confederate Reunion Grounds Photos

My friend sent me the photos he took at Mexia and I have posted them on my website. The title of this post will link you to the slide show. You can see from a couple how wet it was and how swollen the river got that weekend. The photos were mostly taken at the B&B Robin and I stayed at and at the dance in the pavillion at the site.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Confederate Reunion Grounds

First let me say I forgot my camera!! I was so upset when I realized this, but I probably wouldn't have had much of a chance to use it. Some friends did get pictures and will email them to me soon and you can find some here as well.

I attended CRG's event as a Texas Historical Commission employee to help out the site manager. I left Austin about 12:00 on Thursday and drove up to Mexia. Checked in at the Hamilton House about 3:00. Robin from the Eisenhower Birthplace was just arriving as I unloaded my car. Once Robin got settled we went out to the CRG to find Dixie and find out what our game plan was for the weekend. Robin and I were there to help out with a school day presentation on Friday and another presentation on Saturday. The staff from Fort Griffin brought out their canvas and we had a nice A-frame tent and fly to park ourselves for the school day and was intended for our use on Saturday. Once the canvas was up we helped Dixie stuff programs and get things together for the school day.

Friday morning started out gray. We got to the site about 8:00 and started getting our props out. Our presentation was on home textile production in the 19th century. We had cotton boles, unprocessed wool, garments made from each and examples of hand sewing. Dixie lent us her walking wheel and Robin had her 1860s sewing machine out. There were about 400 kids; less than expected but with the forecast a pretty good showing. The rain started about 12:00 and steadily got worse. Eventually we had to take shelter in the tent as the rain was blowing sideways under the fly. I had brought modern clothes to change in, thank goodness. We were able to get the cars up and started loading some of our stuff and headed back to the B&B to dry out. Dixie hadn't yet called the event as reenactors were still coming in Friday night. She did restrict parking to the pavement as some vehicles were already stuck. At this point, it was still thought the event would continue Saturday but only for the reenactors in the site and the gates were closed to the public as there was nowhere to park.

Saturday morning and the rain was still coming down...hard. At one point we were under a tornado warning. Robin and I stayed at the B&B and kept in contact with Dixie to find out what she needed us to do and the decision regarding the event; Henry eventually joined us at the B&B to dry out. Eventually, the rain let up and the evening activities continued. Robin and I were to have presented a talk on clothing Saturday, obviously that did not happen. We dressed out and attended the reenactor dinner at the site. Another tradition for this event is the period dance that is also the local home schoolers' prom. Time Was performed. The girls make their own dresses, and even if they are not perfect, they really did a good job. We stayed at the dance for a bit and retired.

Sunday was beautiful! Blue, clear skies, a cool breeze, if only that had been the whole weekend! I dressed out and after checking out of the B&B went back out to the site and set up my stuff from the school day presentation as some public were expected. The did have a battle on Sunday and a surprising number of public attended even though they could not park inside the gates. Once the battle was over, the event pretty much ended.

Before I left, I spoke with Dixie about the possibilities for the event, possible civilian activities, educational programs, etc. She is also interested in having a "school of the lady" at the site. This event is small and I believe does not have the reputation of being one of the "quality events" in Texas; however, it has great potential! The site is beautiful and the management is willing to work with reenactors and living history events. The only way this event will improve and become the great event it has the potential for, like most events in Texas, is if it is attended and supported by the living history community.

Now I'm taking a mini-break. My mother is coming to visit in June so I am going to spend the time until then taking care of some house stuff I have let go. Besides, I want my good corset before doing anything; I'm tired of fudging with mine and trying to get comfortable, making sure everything is where it should be, etc.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Reading and Sewing

I finished reading the Maverick letters and the McNeill diary; both well done and interesting but Sallie McNeill seriously needed a hobby...or a prozac drip.

Have decided to remake my green sheer. I really like the dress, but it needed some adjustment.