Sunday, August 10, 2008

What was I thinking

What was I thinking when I decided that sewing my wrapper by hand was a good idea? Not that it's difficult and I really do enjoy the hand sewing but it takes soooo long. Well, and I've been sick and not able to work on it for some time too. Almost done stitching down one edge of the trim. Then stitch the other edge, make the button holes, sew in the waist tie and it's done.

I am now truly an independant. I have removed myself from all association with the Texas Rifles. Apparently my innocent statement on a forum that the website was not up to date and the civilians were inactive hit a sore spot with the captain and he decided to attack me personally on the list and tell people I bad mouthed the group. I merely pointed out on a forum that the website, although not updated for some time, does have the updated event schedule, contact information, and group guidelines (pointing out the obvious). And that the civilian side was inactive; at least that is my impression as I have not seen or heard of any civilian activities from the civilian coordinator, so what else am I to assume? So rather than the go to the forum and rebut my statements, which were so insulting and made the group look bad according to the "captain", he attacks me on the group yahoo list. Then goes on the forum and blasts me again. Talk about over reaction! You would have thought I said the group was a bunch of drunken farby louts from his reaction. I've decided to let it go other than this one mention here. I have disassociated myself entirely with the group; although, I've probably been dropped by the group as well, so it is a mutual separation and disappointment.

So the season is coming up, the first event being Texian Market Days in Richmond. Henkel Square is iffy as I don't have enough registered at this time to fill the structures, so we'll see. I'm starting to get things lined up for Into the Piney Woods in March; it is something I've not done before and the impression is a lower socio-economic level than I usually do, so new stuff to get and a new dress. I've ordered the fabric, a nice green plaid homespun. Doing some research, Vicki Betts page is wonderful for this.

So I think that pretty much catches up on my living history activities.

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