Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Reading and Sewing

I finished reading the Maverick letters and the McNeill diary; both well done and interesting but Sallie McNeill seriously needed a hobby...or a prozac drip.

Have decided to remake my green sheer. I really like the dress, but it needed some adjustment.


Amy said...

Hi Annette! I love the dress you're wearing in that photo! I cannot wait to get un-pregnant and start making fashionable stuff again. Sigh. Are you going to Mexia this year? We're going to Mexia and Temple (I have to miss Jefferson...which makes me very, very sad). Take care!

Jennifer P. said...

So Miss NetNet, you've finished reading the lives of the lively ladies. My E. Neblett book just got recalled so I'll have to either finish it quick or read it later. Whew! I agree with the need for pharmaceutical intervention! Lunch soon?