Saturday, November 14, 2009

Soldiers' box

Next weekend is Liendo and the box we've been putting together at the Grange will be given to some lucky random unit. Here are some pictures of the contents:
Handmade shirt
Handmade shirt. This was made from a dress I no longer wore but the fabric was still in good shape; hated to waste the fabric and buttons so recycled!
Housewives. They contain some thread, buttons and pins.
Pencils, paper and wallpaper envelopes
Pencils, paper and some of the wallpaper envelopes we made at Texian Market Days.
Haversack. This and some of the bags are made from ticking I had. Not enough to do much but worked well for this.
Cotton handkerchiefs
Rice, black eyed peas, dried peaches
Rice, black eyed peas and dried peaches
Peanuts, pecans, dried apples, soap
Goober peas (peanuts), pecans, dried apples and some pieces of home made lye soap
Tic-tac-toe and checkers. This was an amazing contribution. The markers are wood and painted. A lot went into these.
Necos wafers, peppermint sticks, housewife
Neco wafers (yes period), peppermint sticks and another housewife
Poke sacks
Poke bags. One of the ladies buys flowers bulbs and they come in these little cotton bags. She washes them and they are perfect tobacco bags or for whatever.
There is so much stuff it barely fit in the box.
Packed up
There is no lid for the box but I wrapped the muslin used to line the box around the contents and tied it up with twine.
Tied up
Then wrapped all that with brown paper and more twine. All I need now is a tag.
Ready to go
Not sure what I should put on the tag. Don't want to address it in anyway as we don't know what unit it's going to but want to be sure the Soldiers' Aid Society of Fayette County is noted as the sender. Need to research how to do this.


Nancy said...

It's almost too nice to give away! The guys who get it are going to love it. It'll be the highlight of the event.

Deborah said...

Wow Annette, it looks all great. Could we do it again next year. I made the games because I thought the gentlemen would appreciate something for all those hours between battles.

Kimberly said...

Looks really good. Would love to know how the lucky unit likes it.

Annette Bethke said...

I'll get pictures of the "presentation". I hope it goes over well. Now...if the weather will just cooperate!