Sunday, October 24, 2010

Texian Market Days 2010 - 1860s

Back from TMD at George Ranch. Gulf coast area, not so much hot but HUMID!! Thank goodness there was a breeze all day, but at night the breeze would stop for a bit and get stuffy. So you throw off the covers, the breeze would start again and you would reach for the covers again. But that was the only downside of the weekend.

What a great event! I arrived about 6:00 and Vicki Betts and Caitlin Cassin were already at the house. We stay in the 1860s Prairie House on site upstairs. Views of the rooms can be found at my post from last year's event. Caitlin is new to the hobby and this was her first event. Caitlin is from the area and took us to Larry's for dinner. A great Tex-Mex restaurant. The food was great!

When we returned to the site after dinner was sat out on the porch and listened to the bagpipes coming from the 1830s area. It sounded like they were having a wonderful dance. The moon was full this weekend and it was a beautiful evening.

Matt Driggers, the site staff member with oversite of the 1860s house had found a new bed for "my" room. A big four poster with a horse hair mattress. It really was quite comfortable. He checked the beds to be sure there were no mice and no repeat of last year :).

Saturday morning was cool but a bit humid; we prepared for the visitors when the park opened at 9:00. There were a lot of visitors. As usual with our skirts we didn't leave the parlor as it was hard to maneuver with all the people. We spent the morning sewing an apron for Caitlin, Vicki sewed on a pair of drawers, we read aloud and talked with visitors.

There were two military activities during the day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. This year the Yankees once again invaded our home and forced us out of our house, then the Rebs came to our rescue. We watched from inside the house.

After the morning activities, Caitlin and I walked around the park. We were stopped at least every 100 feet or so for photos. The creek, which is full of alligators looked so pretty and peaceful.

After the afternoon skirmish we finished our sewing projects and lounged. The event closed to the public at 5:00. We changed into modern clothes as the park always provides the volunteers dinner and we didn't want to be corseted for that :). Dinner was barbecue with all the fixin'. It was very good.

Following dinner the Dr. E.T. Bushrod Medicine Show and the Tanner Family Minstrels gave an adult version of their show. Unfortunately I left my camera at the house!! It was a good time, bad jokes, great music and lots of laughs.

The stereo owls returned about 7:00 the next morning, hooting to each other down the chimneys. But we were awake anyway and set about preparing to leave as the event is only a one day event.

TMD is really a good time. The site treats us so well and makes sure we have everything we need; they provide wood and food and really appreciate our participation. Can't wait for next year!

Additional photos are here.


Reenachronismind said...

Hi! Ok, this is going to seem like a very strange question haha, but the younger lady in the sheer wrap-over gown (Caitlin?) with the V-neck- do you know if she made the gown herself?

You see, I'm reproducing an extant JUST like it (which may have been her original intent as well haha!), and I'm just wondering how she did the tucks. I haven't the foggiest how the original was done- normal pin tucks or just starch-and-iron, but I'd love to know how she did hers, or if perhaps she has her own blog.

Thank you so much!


Annette Bethke said...

Caitlin purchased her's; I can't remember who from. But I'll get in touch with her and see if I can't find a contact for you.

Anonymous said...

I saw this dress in "The Way They Were Dressed in 1860-1865" by Donna Abraham, page 119. I have been looking for this pattern. I would love to find out if there is already a pattern for it.

Ladyhawk said...

did anyone find out what pattern this is

Annette Bethke said...

There is not a commercial pattern for this one.

BetterDressesVintage said...

Were you able to determine where/from whom the dress was purchased? Thank you.