Monday, February 21, 2011

Crisis averted

We have a new site for our May event. Pioneer Farms in Austin has agreed to host. While the site has fewer buildings, it offers some opportunities we didn't have at Henkel Square.


kim said...

Pioneer Farms is very close to where I live: Pflugerville!

Amy said...

That event sounds wonderful and close by!...But so intimidating! :) For me at least. I went to a reenactment this last weekend and could not manage to sound even remotely period correct. I'm so glad none of the visitors ever came over to our tent. I can never seem to get myself into period, in my mind, that is. When I have an opportunity to make conversation in period style, I can never think of what to say. Haha!


Annette Bethke said...

Amy, don't let it intimidate you. We won't burn you at the stake :). You should consider coming out. We have lots of fun. You'll be surprised how you just fall into it with so many around you doing the same thing.