Sunday, July 10, 2011

Warning: self pitying whine ahead!

Been busy working on bran bags for pincushion brinks, finished a chemise and have the shoe workshop confirmed. Slowly climbing out of the self pity on the cut from full time to part time hours. It's very disheartening; I feel like somehow I lost, that I wasn't worthy. I know others are in the same boat or worse; I've just never been in this position and am having a hard time coming to terms. Applying for other full time positions, which keeps reminding me that this is real.

So to help alleviate some of this a good friend is flying me out to DC to visit. I can't wait. I've been there before but this trip is coming when I really need it. Several events beginning in September, then conference...this should all help me stay focused and remind me that I do have something to contribute and I am worthy, intelligent and capable.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you snag one of the full-time positions. I'm here if you want a shoulder for a weak moment.