Monday, October 31, 2011

Cool Things in the Mail

A couple of cool things in the mail the last week. First the exhibit catalog for the new exhibit at Kent State Museum, "On the Home Front: Civil War Fashions and Domestic Life." Wish I lived closer to see the exhibit in person. The catalog is divided into sections: Military Influence; Outerwear; Color, Pattern, Trim; Memories and Mementos; Foundations; King Cotton; and Weddings. There are photos of dresses, children's dressing, accessories and quilts. One of the dresses in the wedding section appears that it was made for a pregnant person. It has the weirdest waistband treatment. There are some lovely shawls and quilts. But it definately leaves you with wanting more. The photos give you a great overview but of course do not give you the detail. I still think it is a great resource. If you can't visit the exhibition I suggest getting the catalog. You can order the catalog by calling the museum or emailing with shipping address and credit card number. It is $7.95 with shipping to be determined.

The other book I received is "The Civil War Remembered: Official National Park Service Handbook." This contains essays by reknown Civil War scholars like Ed Ayers, James Horton, James McPherson, and Drew Faust. Lots of images. Looks like a good overview of several aspects of the war. You can find the book through e-parks at*The-Civil-War-Remembered/.

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