Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pioneer Farms Volunteer

This past weekend I started volunteering at Pioneer Farms in Austin. I helped out at the General Store running the register. The General Store, as the rest of the town site, is interpreted in the 1890s. New clothes!! Right now make do with homespun generic with an apron. Not ideal, but will work on proper 1890s. I plan to help out there 2 days or so a month at the store and at the German Farm site. The German Farm is interpreted as 1868, so my 1860 work dresses will be fine. Not sure the site is quite appropriate for Germans in Texas in 1868, but the cabin was built by a German so that is how they interpret it.

I spoke with the site director and they really want the site to interpret the history spot on and eventually get AAM acredited. I would like to help them with their costuming and maybe some of the interpretation. So now until I get another full time job I'll get my dress up fix and serve an organization that appreciates the help.


Anonymous said...

The 1890s are soooo modern! Funny how they seem so different from the 1860s.

Anonymous said...

Please remember to post pictures of the new 'modern' wardrobe.