Sunday, September 22, 2013

Museum Day 2013: Neill-Cochran House

Today was Museum Day in Austin. Museums in Austin are offer free admission for the day. For the last few years I have been volunteering at the Neill Cochran House. This house was built in 1855 by Abner Cook who also designed the Texas Governor's Mansion and several other important historic buildings around Austin. After the Civil War the house served as a Union hospital. A couple of friends and I sit in one of the parlors, sew, greet the visitors and answer questions about the house and, mostly, about what we are doing and our clothes. A couple of gentlemen are in another parlor and discuss the soldier's role and Civil War medicine. The gentlemen are from a the 173rd New York. A few pictures are here and more will be put up on the museum's Facebook page.

Janet Rice

The gentlemen
Katelyn Heisch
The dining room
One of two parlors
These two crazy quilts are so cool. The smaller one on the right has small mirrors sewn into it.

Entry Hall

This dress is a little after the time I usually study, but it's gorgeous. The lacing and shirring up the front of the skirt are wonderful!

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