Saturday, March 28, 2015

Symposium Friday

Friday we had a heck of a snow storm. Stormed all day. Many had to scrap their plans for off site visits. My first workshop was a bonnet frame workshop with Maggie Koenig. She provided us with patterns and instructions on how to size the frame for ourselves.

Rather than construct a full size frame, we worked on mini versions for practice. We blocked the back and bound the brim edges. I really enjoyed this session. It helped me really understand how to put my own frames together.

The workshop lasted until lunch.

 In the afternoon I attended Carolann's talk on mid 19th century fabrics. This presentation covered the patterns, colors and production of fabrics in the mid 19th century. These sessions are always helpful when trying to decide if a contemporary fabric is "close enough". Unfortunately, so many of the great fabric patterns are not produced any longer or are produced on a different fabric. Carolann's sessions are always a great resource.

There were several other wonderful workshops Friday and I wish I could be in more than one place at a time: mourning cockades, woven buttons, eyeglass many to choose from.

Between sessions and lunch I went shopping. The Market Place always has a great selection of vendors. One of the items that I have been coveting for a few years now are the shawls. This year I finally splurged and bought one.

I also bought a vulcanized belt buckle. Sorry the picture is sideways.

I was very happy with the purchase, especially after the first presentation of the evening on rubber and pre-plastics in the mid 19th century by Michael Woshner. The presentation was great; there were several items from his and Carolann Schmitt's collections of rubber and pre-plastic items. 
Of course the major highlight of the Symposium is the original displays. Rather than post all the pictures here, please visit my Flicker page that includes albums of all the different collections on display. However, there is one I must post here. I have adored this dress for years; even purchased fabric to reproduce it but never did for one reason or another. The dress belongs to K. Krewer and she brought it this year for display. I'm sure many of you will recognize it. 

I just love this dress!

One of the wonderful experiences this year was to be able to help Janine Whiteman change out her display of originals. She and Philip have an amazing collection of items and I was privileged to help her with the dresses. She has a couple of dresses in which the sleeves were lined with flour sacks.

So ended Friday.


Stephanie Ann said...

Looks like you had a blast!

Lindsey said...

Love your new shawl and belt buckle! So pretty!

OldFashionGirl said...

Looking great! Seems like so much fun!