Sunday, May 3, 2015

Corset Worshop

I have needed a new corset for some time. The corset was produced in one of Carolann Schmitt's workshops several years ago; the first of her workshops I attended. I have been waiting for a time I could attend again. On April 24-26 I finally got the opportunity. The workshop starts on Friday evening with historical information, measurements and cutting out of the pattern. Unfortunately I had to work all day and wasn't able to make it to Gettysburg until later in the evening. I did manage to get my measurements, pattern cut out, and partly sewn together.

Workshop picked up first thing Saturday morning. We put the first layer of pieces together to size it. Once sized we mark the new sewing lines and cut the corrected pieces for the next layer.

In between the sewing we were able to examine some of Carolann's originals. More pictures of the originals can be found on my Flicker album.


As a side note, Carolann is putting on a workshop on making this mantle in June. Visit her website for registration information.

Once we got all the pieces cut we started construction of the corset.

Carolann fitted it for me and then laced it up.

And the finished product. Well...almost...I finished the bottom edging, tension hook, top hook and drawstring at home.

I really enjoy Carolann's classes. She is a great instructor, patient and very knowledgeable on the subjects. 

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Stephanie Ann said...

Looks great! The originals are so nice as well. I need to make a new corset one of these days.