Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Texas Civil War Grange

The Grange. No, it was not established until after the Civil War but it is the closest organization that reflects this idea for the time. In its early years, the Grange was devoted to educational events and social gatherings and that is exactly what I would like to do with Texas Civil War reenactors. The Grange is a venue for Texas Civil War living historians where participants may gather to talk, prepare for events, work on and/or seek help on projects, practice and/or learn new skills, exchange ideas, share information and research, develop impressions, and just enjoy each other’s company in an informal setting. Something beyond the reenactment environment and online communities—a living historian community center if you will.

Henkel Square in Round Top Texas has agreed to host this activity. Henkel Square is pretty much central for most in central Texas and the site management is very open and lenient toward our use. Henkel Square includes a church and barn, which have electricity, air conditioning and heat; easy access to water; and plumbed toilet facilities. The rest of the structures on the site are available for overnight stays as wanted. Meeting at Henkel Square will also serve to help the site meet their educational goals to maintain their non-profit status.

This is an informal and unstructured event and open to all, women, men and children, regardless of impression.

I've put additional informtion including times and dates on my website at

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