Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The Henkel Square Herald is complete now from 1860 to May 1865. This is a sheet that I formatted to contain Vicki Betts' Texas newspaper transcriptions; I converted the documents to pdfs and posted them on my website. Originally it was intended as a tool to develop background information for the Henkel Square event but some requested that it be carried thoughout the war years.

Next project is to tidy up my silk to wear at the Harrisburg conference. Got the hem tape on, remade a thread eye, want to put hooks and eyes on the undersleeves so they will stop falling down and then to do some embroidery on the collar to fancy it up a bit.

Over the next year I need to make some more under garments (been saying that for 2 years now), would like another dress, and will need to buckle down and finish the research for the other pages of my website. I plan to be immersed in Civil War living history for some time :).

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