Saturday, February 28, 2009

The First Grange

Today was the first Grange at Henkel Square. Two other ladies joined me. While we weren't great in number, we did have a good time. Sewed, talked, explored the houses. Kimberly brought her newly acquired 1862 Lady's Almanac, which was wonderful. Debra made a wonderful 1860s "Boiled Fruit cake"; it was delicious, like a fruity gingerbread. We started working on things to put in a soldiers' box to give at an event later this year and discussed how to distribute it. We will probably ask the 173rd's chaplain to find a deserving unit to give it to. We all worked on housewives and tobacco bags and Kimberly thought she might attempt to make a shirt. We'll also probably include handkercheifs, candies, maybe some writing paper and pencils. Kimberly also has decided she wants to learn to milk a cow, so I'm going to try to find someone in the area that can bring us a cow or a goat to learn to milk. Pictures from the day can be found here. Hopefully we'll be able to get more people involved in the future. I really think this is a worthwhile thing; it will just take some time I think to grow.

Now on to Harrisburg! I'm so excited!

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