Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another washout

This weekend was the first Temple, Texas event. I was unsure until the last minute whether I was going to go. I drove up on Saturday and by the time I got to Temple it was raining so hard one could barely see and the traffic in IH 35 so backed up I decided just to turn around and come home instead of fighting the traffic and trying to find the site. From the radar it looks like it will be that way most of the day. What a shame for a first event.

Tomorrow's forecast is for clearing but with such a heavy rain today, not sure what kind of condition the site will be in and how many participants will still be there. Bummer.


Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Awww, I used to live near Temple, in Killeen...they didn't have reenacting in those thar parts when I lived there. If they did, I might have liked it better there. Just found your site, really like it!

Annette Bethke said...

Thank you.
I was born and raised in Northern Calif., a small town above Sacramento, small world :).