Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The website appears to be working well with all links working. Added a bit more stuff. Now my mind is working on future events and dresses. Corset time is almost here! Once I have that I plan to make a duct tape dummy and then ready to start sewing again. Other things to think on:

Grange coming up on May 30 and what to work on/talk about
Presentation for Harrisburg conference in March but need to know what topic to do
Henkel Square in February, preparing general store stuff, activities, will there be enough people
Lost Tribes event in Missouri in October. Really want to go to this one. The site looks wonderful and they get so many more people than we do for HS. I've had to miss the last few I was invited to.

I really am happiest and most content when I'm working on living history stuff.

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