Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer time projects

With the heat over 100 for several days now, I've cocooned myself into the house. No events down here, so while I wait for sewing for conference I've started making new underwear. First up a chemise. I like very simple undergarments, tucks are the most decoration. After that, drawers and then maybe a nightgown.

I decided to use a pattern for the chemise rather than make one so I'm using Simplicity 2890. I haven't used this one before so I thought I would, plus it's the first one I found digging through my patterns.

Other irons in the fire include a shoe making class that a friend, Cody Mobley, is going to present. He makes wonderful shoes. Here is one of a pair he made for his girlfriend.

The class should be fun. Back to sewing and get ready to watch Abraham and Mary Lincoln: A House Divided.

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