Saturday, June 4, 2011

Texas' grumpy season

The reenacting season has come to a close in Texas. We just don't do much down here in the summer. This gives us a nice reprieve to sew, mend and read, which is how I plan to spend the summer.

Next year will be interesting. I have been told I am going down to part-time at my job due to budget constraints September 1. There are two ways I can look at this: be bummed about the money loss or be energized about the extra time. While the money will be an issue, it just means tighter budgeting, until it bites into my living history activities :). But now I do have more time to volunteer at some living history sites, read, sew, take another part-time job to feed the habit. I'm a bit bummed over the loss of benefits I had with my longevity and the fact that others with less time are keeping their full time positions. But I'm hoping in the long run this will be a good thing and open up opportunities I would not have explored before. That's what I'm supposed to think, right?

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Historical Ken said...

Keep looking at the glass as half full, as you are, and you'll be alright!
Our reenacting season is at the beginning stages up here, though this month is a slow one. It really picks up in July and August then begins to slow down through the end of the year.