Saturday, December 10, 2011

Volunteering Weekend

This Friday and Saturday I spent volunteering. Friday I was at Pioneer Farms for school day. We had an unexpected school come for the day, so after everyone got signed in I went down to the German farm and docented there for the morning. In the afternoon I helped out at the store as 120 kids spent their money or whined because they had none.

Saturday was Christmas at Winedale. We had several visitors throughout the day. I was stationed at the Lewis-Wagner house in the parlor.

Lewis-Wagner House
Lewis -Wagner Parlor

The parlor of the house is upstairs and has great galleries. It is assumed the parlor is upstairs because the house was used as a stage stop at one time and the upstairs parlor allowed for private family space. I like this house, it's comfortable. More pictures can be found here.

And yes, I went by Henkel Square, no didn't get pictures. I didn't recognize most of the structures. Let's just say it's "cutesy" and looks just like the rest of Round Top.

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