Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fabric Finds!

This past weekend I paid a visit to a Houston fabric warehouse that is going out of business. I have always enjoyed this store and their selection of period appropriate 100% silks. I am very upset to see them close, but that didn't keep me from taking advantage of the tremendous discounts--50% off or 75% off if you buy the whole bolt. We found several silks that were wonderful and that we wanted, but only one had a reasonable amount on the bolt to take advantage of the 75% discount.

I have about 25 yards of this fabric! I'm selling the amount over what I need for my dress.

I've been looking for dress samples using similar checks and have a Pinterest board with lots of inspiration.

We also picked up much  smaller amounts of a few other fabrics. These we are going to use as trims and bonnet finishings. The two below are the ones I bought. The darker plaid I plan to use for bonnet ties and curtain or as trim on a black paletot. The lighter plaid I was thinking a mantle as I have 3 yards but not sure about the pattern so this may change. But first the black dress and the red plaid; stay tuned for updates. 

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Digital Printing Fabric said...

Sounds like an amazing place to be if you're an enthusiast because of the amounts of materials that you can go through is just absolutely breath-taking. I can't wait to see it all. Thanks!