Sunday, January 13, 2013

Silk Fringe

In my previous post I shared the small cuts of silk my friend and I bought from a fabric warehouse going out of business in Houston, Texas. My friend started experimenting with what to do with these small cuts. Bonnet ties and trimmings first came to mind, but then she started picking threads and made fringe! Here is the fabric she used.

And a sample of the fringe shown on different backgrounds.

Here are images of the fringe against the same fabric and how it might be used.

Fringe is easy to make and can really add to the look of a dress. If you are interested in this particular fringe, my friend is willing to make some up for sale. Contact me if interested.

My friend may also make up some ruching trim and bonnet finishings from the small cuts she chose to post here, so check back for simple and inexpensive ways to add interest to your period creations.

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