Monday, March 9, 2009

Harrisburg conference day 2

First full day of the conference for me. It began with a workshop entitled "I've Got a Secret". K. Krewer offers pieces of her collection that have something different about them and the participants get to photograph the originals, touch them, measure them, move them around if necessary. Many of the pieces were found to have been altered for a later style, a dress turned to a wrapper, pieces added, etc. I really enjoy this workshop as we get up close to the pieces and can move them around to get photos of the areas that most interest us.

Pictures of the originals.

In the afternoon we attended Carolann Schmitt's presentation "The Artifice of Dressing Well: Selecting Styles That Flatter You and Your Figure." During this presenation, Carolann provided examples of how to accentuate or de-accentuate features such as placement of trim, size of sleeve, necklines, etc. She used period CDVs to illustrate her points. She also spoke on the importance of a well fitting corset to achieve the period look. It was really interesting and I now have tons of ideas I need to put into action.

The conference officially began Friday night. The first presentation was on Phrenology or the reading of the skull. Tom Kelleher of Old Sturbridge Village and ALHFAM member presented the talk. He began in first person as a actual phrenologist of the time. He also read a participant, which was quite funny. He then let off the first person and talked on the history of phrenology.

The second session was "The Influence of Popular Music on Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee" by Douglas Jimerson. Mr. Jimerson has a wonderful voice and has many CDs out, period and modern. They can be found on Amazon and itunes. Mr. Jimerson spoke on and sang some the music Lincoln and Lee would have been familar with. It was a great performance.

Also, the first round of originals were out on display.


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