Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 3 – Occupation

Saturday morning was beautiful again. We dressed and went to the inn for breakfast. After, we went to the store to see what she had. While we were there Federal soldiers arrived in town and took over. They went from building to building rounding everyone up. They took the women and children to the church where they kept us for some time. Mrs. Sidall began to ring the church bell and we were then forced back outside. Mrs. Scott and I refused to go saying we had been through this before and refused to cooperate with them again. However, we were eventually convinced to leave and all the women were escorted back to their homes and told to remain there. They took all the men and kept them in the mill. We later found out that some bushwackers and renegades had come into the town this morning and robbed the dressmakers taking some apples and other food stuff. These federals were supposedly there to protect us from the “ruffians”.

Toward noon time we women took it upon ourselves, since we were not guarded, to venture out to continue with our business. We again went to the store. After we had been there for some time a Federal soldier came in and harassed us saying we were told to remain in our homes. Unfortunately, he only had 2 men with him and we were several women who refused to obey. He left and came back stating that we were free to continue with our business and he apologized for the inconvenience.

I bought some beautiful blue and white check homespun cotton. A very nice weave and light enough for Texas wear; I'll scan and post later. At the store, Mrs. Brenton had bonnets, knitted goods, candies, sausage, brooms, pencils, all sorts of goods. I sat and visited with her for some time. It seemed she had a mouse problem in the building and indeed as we sat talking I saw one running around the wood pile. During the night Mrs. Brenton said she could hear a mouse or mice sniffling near her ear and them investigating her night cap. She was quite unnerved and will spend the night at the Engledew.

Throughout the day the Federals would come to the different houses and search for “enemy presence”. It was not so frightening as it was bothersome. At one point they came when Mrs. Engledew was away. We refused to allow them to search the house and I tried to keep them from the store house as they always come out a few pounds heavier then when they went in. They searched under the house, stabbed the ground with their bayonets, but found nothing. We also heard gun fire throughout the day coming from the woods. The village men were eventually allowed to leave after signing an oath of allegiance.

After dinner was a gathering with music and a minstrel show. We did not stay long as we were still tired from our trip. We again retired early. However, later in the night we heard a gun battle in the woods. This time it sounded much closer.

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Tom said...

The night time firing heard was the friendly partisans luring the yankee troops into the bean field. Three were captured and quickly killed 'cause we don't take prisoners.