Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 4 – “Liberation”

Sunday morning came and still the Federals were in our village. We went to the inn for breakfast and then to church. More ladies than men as usual. There were Federals standing guard at the door as we entered. The sermon was good; however, throughout the service Federals were outside looking in the windows. At one point one walked by with a torch! At the end of the service the preacher spoke of Jefferson Davis’ call for a day of fasting; that sealed it for him. As I left the church and greeted the pastor I thanked him for his courage but warned him that it would probably cost him his life. After we were all out, the Federals came and took the preacher away to the mill. We loitered around waiting to see what would happen and they brought the preacher out of the mill, he is yelling and they take him around the back and as we watch we see a Federal raise his gun, hear a shot and kill the preacher.

We returned to the Engeldew shocked by the murder of the preacher. On the way back a Federal standing guard on the edges of town started calling us “crazy” and yelling and then we heard a shot and he dropped dead! We quickly ran back to the house and locked the doors. We soon heard shots from the woods. And then partisans appeared with prisoners it seemed. They ran through the village calling for all the men and then came to the Engledew. They ordered us outside and who should I see but Mr. Graf!! He did nothing to assist us. They searched the house and sent us back in to stay. We then saw the other ladies coming from the store and they were also ordered to remain in the house.

That didn’t last long as they too failed to post a guard and we went back to the store to find out what was happening. There we learn that the partisans burned the mill with the men inside who had signed the loyalty oath. And so the event ended.

We were not able to get photos during the event but did get some after of the site. You can see them here.

After saying our goodbyes we left Boonesfield Village and decided to go on as long as we felt like it and then stop for the night. Again a very pleasant drive through Missouri wine country backroads. We came to the Missouri river and the little town of Washington. Here we stopped and had lunch. We also went down to the river and took some pictures. It’s a cute little town, great architecture.

We drove as far as Springfield, found a hotel, ordered in pizza and took long hot showers. As much as I love living history, there is nothing better than a climate controlled bedroom and hot shower and soap after an event.

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Tom said...

We only shot and killed the men that had show disrespect to us before their yankee liberators entered the town. We burned the grist mill and their bodies 'cause it ain't polite to leave bodies around on a warm day.