Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 1 – Road Trip begins

Left Austin about 7:15 and headed toward Plano to pick up Kimberly. All my stuff in the trunk and just had enough room for Kimberly’s in the back seat. BTW, she has the greatest dog; such a sweetie. We head on down the road and before long realize it’s time for lunch so we stopped at a Dairy Queen; nothing odd for Texas but this one was ran by a little old lady with a sequined hat; she was very friendly and seemed to know everybody. This was the first of our interesting character experiences during this trip.

As we crossed the Red River we gave out an enthusiastic yahoo and headed into Oklahoma. Along the way, Kimberly read from a book on the Civil War in Missouri day by day. I had no idea of the violence and the back and forth that was going on in Missouri. We drove through Atoka and passed the Confederate Memorial Museum, rest stop and cemetery, then promptly did a U-turn and made a stop.

This is a small museum with a wide ranging collection of stuff; some very odd. But they did have some original home spun trousers that were very cool. We wandered out around the grounds where they have three old buildings, which were locked, and a cemetery. The Butterfield Trial also goes through the property. The cemetery includes several Confederates who died of measles while camped in the area. Pictures of the site are here.

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