Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I know my posts have been dreadfully lacking in photos lately; I apologize for that. After Henkel Square and the 1860s conference there will be pictures galore! So what have I been doing. Well the blue wool is refitted, a new chemisette is done, of course the conference dress, a pair of stockings and I want at least one more. I know I said I was pushing the ball gown aside, but I can't...after reading on ESC's forum about all the wonderful dresses being made, I want mine. So, more midnight oil, sewing at Henkel and I will have it done even if I have to be sewing it on the train. Or Nancy has to sew me into it. It's my turn after sewing her into so many of her dresses :).

I must have the most understanding husband in the world. As I come home from work and pick up my sewing he goes to make dinner and cleans up after. On the weekends as I'm sitting watching chick flicks sewing, he is doing the laundry and picking up the house. I may complain about him sometimes, but he really deserves major kudos for these passed few weeks!


Amy said...

Oh...wow...can your husband come and teach my husband a lesson in patience an understanding? ;)

Hurrah to your hubby!

Nancy said...

Touche, my friend! The ballgown will be perfect. I doubt you have to stoop to my level, but if you do, my needle and thread are ready.