Sunday, May 30, 2010


The bodice is completed and it fits! Here are some pictures of the bodice in various stages of completion.


Front and sides.

All together...

On me...I hate having my photo taken :( The front neckline on every pattern I make never lies flat. It must be a result of the FBA. The bodice looks so much nicer on my form than on me. I did loosen the corset a bit.

There are some issues with the directions for this pattern. If you are new to period sewing, I don't recommend this one as there are a few assumptions in the directions. I'm working on the piping now and really prefer the patterns way of adding the piping than what I have been doing. Rather than making the piping the then attaching, this pattern calls for the bias fabric to be placed down, the cording added and then the bias folded over the stitched. I found that easier.

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Stephanie Ann said...

Do you think period bust pads would help. I have never used them, but I have the same neckline problem. I feel weird adding extra "fluff" when I am already very full. Here's a link about them though if it helps :

The dress is looking good, I like the checks.