Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sewing block finished

Finished the sewing block. Fun project, good use for scraps I had.

Bran. Picked up more than I needed, but had no idea how much to get. Got it at Central Market bulk. Looks slightly illegal doesn't it :).

Filling the bag. The period instructions say to do this on a tray and wear an apron. The bran clings to everything.

The full bag. Chip clip really comes in handy when taking pictures before sewing it shut :).

The bag attached to the brick.

Covering the brick. I used a silk brocade/twill. Upholstery skills would be very handy here.

And done. The period instructions say to not put bows and such as they will catch the thread, so I left it plain.

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Stephanie Ann said...

It looks great. I love that shiny fabric.