Monday, May 3, 2010

Sewing brick step 1

I've completed step one of the sewing brick, covering the brick. I had intended to use coutil but didn't have enough scrap, so I used a heavy cotton twill right side toward the brick, only because I wanted the smoother side out.
The brick


Next step is the bag or cushion that sits on top of the brick. I was going to use a silk/linen blend, but again relying on scraps, not enough, so using a lightweight wool. This bag is filled with bran and then attached to the top of the brick. It is used basically as a pin cushion. In the Past Pattern instructions that are using the brick to lay out and hold the tape for construction the hook and eye tape.


Stephanie Ann said...

I saw or read about this in a period book. I am completely at a loss of where now. Oh, here it is:

It's nice seeing one completed. I like your blog.

Annette Bethke said...

Thanks! That is one of the quotes in the pattern documentation. The one I'm following is 1855, a little more detail :).