Monday, December 13, 2010

Unauthorized use

Today I came across a blog that not only used quite a bit from my website but also a picture of me taken by a friend. These were posted without my knowledge, permission, or credit given. It is a very mainstream group and it really bothers me that a photo of me is being used in connection with this site, especially in discussing "costumed interpretation."

I want to be very clear that I am in no way associated with this group nor do I endorse their standards of authenticity.

I have contacted the blog owner but as yet have received no response. I suppose I should see it as flattering. But jeez have the courtesy to ask!


Patience said...

I am so sorry. I in no way meant to offend you. I was using the information to educate my girls on correct interpretation. It has been taken down.

Annette Bethke said...

I understand; however, you should have still asked my permission to use the information almost verbatim and my photo before doing so. You did not have to take down the whole site.

That's a 7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

Annette--I'm sorry that you were plagiarized. How frustrating!