Saturday, December 11, 2010

Winedale Christmas

Sorry, no pictures. Didn't expect to have an opportunity. This was a nice little festival event. I was stationed at the McGregor House. I love this house! Built in 1861, Greek revival and well restored. I wish I had my camera to show the inside. The size and lay out of the house reminded me a bit of the Prairie House at George Ranch; although, the McGregor is definitely Greek Revival. It has some wonderful stenciling on the ceilings. Also rode in a stage coach, which was great fun and I think much more comfortable than they were in the 19th century.

There were a few "docentisms", a few bad prop choices and seriously bad costuming. I was not dressed in hoops as I expected to be at a different station so felt rather out of place in my homespun and petticoats. The other docents kept saying I could be the lady of the house and I trid to explain I was not dress appropriately for that to which the reply was "no one will know the difference anyway." While I know this is true I still felt I would be cheating the public with incorrect information. So I spent the afternoon wandering around the house, watching that things weren't sat on that shouldn't be, answering questions about bedding, flooring, etc. I let the ladies who were obviously very proud of their position as "hostesses" do the talking about the house and families who lived there and tried not to cringe when the "they were shorter back then" stories came up.

The site is working on education modules and may be interested in having some living history there. It's a wonderful site and would make a great "playground. " So we'll see what comes of it.

So, living history break until February and the Lace and Sabors Ball in San Antonio, then Harrisburg and gearing up for Henkel Square in May.

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