Monday, May 21, 2012

The Battle of Temple Junction Public Day

I and my friend Katelyn ventured back to the Battle of Temple Junction on Saturday, but later in the morning as I had returned to Austin the day before. We arrived about 10:00 when a court martial and execution was to be reenacted; however; it didn't appear to come off. There did appear to be some small skirmish going on though. We wondered around the event site, which didn't take too long as it was a small event and only two period sutlers.

Thank goodness for the big "revival" tent with tables and chairs; we would not have had anywhere to go between activities. This space worked well as we sat and talked and people watched.

The next event was to be a period wedding at 11:00; however, that didn't take place until later. There was a hand to hand combat demonstration.

While we waited for the wedding we decided to have lunch. There was a catering truck offering burgers and other sandwiches, fries, and lemonade. While I waited for my food another reenactor came up to me and said "Now isn't this the way to do a reenactment?" What could I say? So we got our lunch and went back to the tent.

And the wedding preparations began. The year for the wedding was 1862 and period vows were used. It was actually the renewing of vows for the couple.   

The groom and best man.

As the maid of honor and bride came into the tent a local girl, with a beautiful voice sang "I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls." She was not in period dress. However, she would like to get involved so I directed her to my website.

The bride's attendant.

And the bride.

After the ceremony the reception became the ladies' tea. They served a ginger ale punch with mint, tea, petite cakes, and Russian cookies. It was all very good.

This all finished up around 1:30 and the battle didn't start until 3:00. So we talked with visitors under the tent. Just before the battle, as the men were preparing, someone's gun backfired or something and we had a medical emergency. There were two doctors on site and they tended to him. He was ok but went to the hospital just to be sure.

Drummer Boy Ice Cream was at the event, so of course we had to have some! Good stuff.

Time for the battle!

After the battle the wounded were helped off the field to the hospital tent. Doc always puts on a good display. The rubber rats on the cast off limbs are a great crowd pleaser.

I left shortly after the battle; Katelyn planned to stay for the dance. However, she said many people started packing up and leaving so she didn't think the dance would be worth staying for. Time Was was to play.
Katelyn went back Sunday but I have not heard how it went. During one of our chats with others under the tent we found out that the City of Temple may not participate in this event next year. There are talks however, with the Robertson Plantation folks in Salado about having the event on their property. This would be a great site and allow for some great civilian and military scenarios.

This event was decidely mainstream. Nothing wrong with that. The participants were perfectly happy with this level of participation. But I need a bit more than camping with a theme; I like interpreting buildings and home front living history. This was a nice little adventure but I'll be staying on the progressive side for awhile.

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