Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Reconsiderations and Ravs

Had a nice chat with the folks at Pioneer Farms. I think we have worked out our issues, both the event's and the site's, and we will probably give it another try in early November 2013. The two big issues, packing out and double booking, seem to have solutions. The site works with a gentleman who has a covered wagon stored at the site and we are going to work with him to use the wagon to pack out participants who must leave before the site closes. The double booking is being worked on by the site and hopefully their solution will solve the problem. I left it up to the participants to decide if we should try again at Pioneer Farms and all that responded feel we should. Don't have exact date yet but we're looking at the first part of November 2013.

I have reached 100 presets for my internet radio station! Probably a lot less than most internet stations but I'm pretty happy about it. In addition I received this great shoutout:

Outstanding! As a U.S.history teacher, bluegrass and old time musician,I am
completely enchanted with this station.  Sharing it with friends

Whoohoo!! I haven't added any new tracks to the station for a bit, but plan to in the next couple of weeks.

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Historical Ken said...

Congratulations on your (hopeful) event for next year, and a double congrats for your station!