Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 3 Conference Trip: Workshops and Opening Session

March 1, 2013

Workshop day! My first workshop was patriotic cockades conducted by Colleen Fromby. Mine didn't turn out as well as I would have liked; made my pleats too big. I have plenty of ribbon to do another and more Texas buttons.
 After the workshop I was able to have lunch with a friend from Michigan who I only see at this conference.

My next workshop was on different 19th century bodice styles with Carolann Schmitt. It was great to see all the different images presented and the handouts were wonderful.

My traveling companion arrived just as the session was ending and proposed a pizza party for dinner. We invited a friend from NY, who is on her own at the conference, to join us. We had a lively time with pizza and chocolate and gossip.

The official opening session included a talk in Internet research sources and the development of the men's ready made garment industry; I enjoyed them both.

And of course the first round of original garments were up.

Additional photos of the originals can be found on Photobucket.

As always as well, my roommate, who comes with me every year to this conference, and I stayed up too late.

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