Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 6 Conference Trip: Tea and Flower Show

March 4, 2013

A leisurely start to the day. The Plague is still with me but Alka Seltzer Plus is helping me along the way. We decided to get a hotel room near the airport in Philadelphia for convenience for the next day as Angie had planned to head to Virginia Beach. This also meant she needed to get a rental car. So while I showered she went to pick up the car. I asked when she returned what she got and all I got in return "it runs, you'll see when we go."

So we packed up and headed the lap of luxury! Angie rented a Mercedes GLK. OMG!! Nice car. A little disappointed with the data port availability, but it rides nice. So on to Philadelphia.

We got an early check in so we were able to drop off stuff and relax a bit. Angie had some work stuff to do and since I was still coldish it was nice down time. We had a light lunch at the hotel and about 2:00 headed into town for tea.
Tea was at the Rittinhouse hotel, across from Rittinhouse park. Great neighborhood, wonderful architecture, cold walk from the parking garage. The usual tea room is being renovated but the room they used temporarily had a nice view of the park. The tea service was beautiful and the food very tasty. I usually do not like tea but I choose a citrus blend that was rather good. Random photos of Philadelphia are here.

After tea we headed to the flower show. Angie was able to get comp tickets good after 3:00. The show was at the convention center. So many beautiful exhibits! The theme was Britain. One exhibit was an interpretation of Big Ben. On the hour a video would play on the clock face which highlighted the British music invasion from the Beatles to Led Zepplin to Adam Ant. There were some pictures that looked like paintings but were all done with flowers. Another exhibit included literary interpretations of Jane Austen, Dracula, and Beatrix Potter. I was a bit disappointed in the Austen one. It became a little overwhelming after awhile :) I'm really glad I was able to go, even though I felt like caca. More pictures of the show here.

As we left the show, some type of emergency shut down the parking garage and we ended up hanging out at in the Hilton lobby next door and watched the fire truck. When we got back to the hotel I went straight to bed heavily medicated.

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