Friday, March 15, 2013

Day 7 Conference Trip: Going Home

March 5, 2013

Angie had planned to drive to Virginia Beach this morning, but a heavy storm was predicted so she cancelled her trip. We had a late check out so we lounged. Angie made some work calls and I slept on and off trying to fight the plague. I felt bad as it was such a waste of a day for her with me sick in bed.

Eventually we had to check out. My flight didn't leave until 5:00 but Angie had to take the car back and stock up for the potential storm so I had her just drop me off at the airport.

The check in staff at Delta in Philadelphia were the rudest, most unhelpful, sarcastic group of people I ever had the displeasure of working with; actually telling one customer they wouldn't help her and making snide comments about how heavy my bag was (under the weight limit). But I at least got the bag checked and headed for my gate. UPDATE: I emailed Delta about my experience and received a personal response and Skymiles for the inconvenience. Hopefully their statement of following up with the team was not hot air.

Time went by fairly quickly; I wondered around to some of the shops and read. Time came around for my flight and there was a maintenance issue and delay again. Too long delayed to make my connection in Memphis so I was rerouted to Atlanta.

I had paid for an upgrade to Economy Comfort to Memphis but did not get it to Atlanta. When I explained the situation in Atlanta I was given the upgrade to Austin. I had the whole row to myself. The flight left from the international terminal and the plane was a wide body. Another UPDATE: They refunded the cost of upgrade as well! So Delta had some issues, but they did try to make it right in the end.

Nice trip home. So ends another conference trip. I already have hotel reservations for next year!

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