Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Remembrance Day 2013: Part 1


As involved as I have been in Civil War living history it may seem odd that I have not attended a 150th event before now; I didn’t even attend the ones here in Texas. A lot of it had to do with money, the lack of desire to camp, and the lack of civilian interpretation planned at the events. But Remembrance Day, the dedication of the cemetery at Gettysburg, the delivery of the Gettysburg Address was a civilian event. So this I had to attend, even though it meant missing one of the big events here in Texas, Liendo.  

I was able to get a great airfare, Pricelined a deal for a car, stay with a friend part of the visit, and it was doable. My visit to Gettysburg was not only to attend Remembrance Day; I have many friends in the area, as this visit proved, and I was able to visit with many.

The trip started with the attempt at packing. I realized early that I would have to check a bag and a big one. Three petticoats, hoops, corset, two chemises, two gowns, shoes, paletot, hair, jewelry, modern clothes…I ended up with a large suitcase packed to busting, a bonnet box and a backpack.  

I left Texas on Thursday morning for Philadelphia by way of Atlanta. I carried my bonnet box as a carry on. Strange looks, sure, but my bonnet arrived unscathed and in the right shape. I rented a car from the airport and drove to my friend’s work in Malvern. But first I stopped at Wegmans. Yes, it is just a grocery store, but we don’t have them here and I like the store. Met up with my friend to follow her to her place in West Chester. I did not realize how early it got dark up north. By the time we were on the road to West Chester it was daaark. This lead to me getting lost as I thought I was following her but it was a different green BMW apparently. My GPS told me to go the way she went, but I thought she knew a short cut so I ended up in Downington. Finally got to her place and started getting ready to go eat.

We didn’t get very far…my wallet was gone. Everything including all my ID, so there went the trip, questionable if I could get home as no ID, I was frantic. The only place I had gotten out was at Wegmans, so my friend calls the store as I search the car. No luck. So we head off to search the Wegmans parking lot. While on the way I get a call from a gentleman who has found my wallet! We met him and I got my wallet with all contents and a lecture about keeping my passport with my ID J.

We finally go to eat. We went to an Italian restaurant we went to last time I was there, Core de Roma. I really enjoy this place. I had Chicken Parmigiana and it was delicious. Crème Brule for dessert. Back to the apartment to rest up for the weekend. 

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To be continued…

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