Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Remembrance Day 2013: Part 3


The cold arrived overnight and it was pretty chilly Saturday. It was breezy, but the sun was pretty warm, so if I stayed out of the wind it was not so bad. I was able to pack up, check out, eat breakfast, get my stuff in the car and still meet everyone in the lobby around 10:15. My plan had been to leave the car in the hotel parking lot and take the Freedom shuttle from the hotel to downtown. However, the Martins were kind enough to let me hitch a ride with them. Anne and Lori were walking in the parade so Bob left us off at the Gettysburg Hotel where some of the vendors were located. I didn’t buy anything; I was trying to be very good since I spent a good amount of spending money on my picture and I had very little room to bring anything back J.

We roamed through the vendors and until it was time for Anne and Lori to head to the meeting point for the parade. Unfortunately, I completely forgot about the ceremony at 11:30 and missed that. When I left Anne and Lori I headed up Baltimore St. toward the square. It was a very nice walk looking at the architecture and meeting friends.

When I reached the square one of the many military bands was playing on the corner and had a pretty good crowd.



I then headed to the 1863 Hotel on the square.

There I met up with Virginia and Michael Mescher and Carolann and Don Schmitt. After roaming through more vendors I joined the Schmitts in the lobby of the hotel. Really enjoyed sitting with them people watching. There were some very interesting “impressions” in Gettysburg this weekend. In addition to people watching, Carolann gave me her hard sale on Gettysburg J. So many wonderful things there—festivals, films, living history activities.

After awhile we decided to go get something to eat at Flats. This little café is attached to the Majestic Theater, literally…the back exit to the café leads to the theater lobby. Carolann and I went to take a look. The theater interior has been restored to its appearance in 1925. There is a room that features pictures from the 75th anniversary of the battle and other old photos of Gettysburg. The theater is also an Oscar nomination screening venue. They were currently showing 12 Years a Slave. That would have been an experience. I had flat bread chips drizzled with balsamic vinegar and parmesan cheese.

We then headed up Baltimore St. to watch the parade in front of Carolann’s office. Don and Carolann were so nice to bring out a chair for me. The temperature seemed to be dropping but that didn’t curb my excitement. I have always enjoyed parades and this one had military band music! Lots of it. This was the best way to view the parade, in the company of locals. Carolann shared with me history on some of the units, the parade, etc. It was a really nice time.

Here are a few photos from the parade. All the pictures I took can be found here.




I also managed to get a picture of the new paletot.

The canon in the sidewalk is Penelope.


I followed the parade up to the cemetery to meet Lori and Anne. The group they marched with, the Dixie Rose Relief Society, were meeting up at the Victorian Photo Studio for a group picture. These ladies marched in the parade representing the Confederate states. The picture was taken outside the Dobbin House Tavern.


The actual wet plate turned out wonderful! You can see it here.

Everyone was getting hungry at this point and we headed back toward the square to find everyone food. I was expected for dinner with Carolann so just went along for the company until it was time to go back to the hotel and Carolann’s. As can be imagined the restaurants were packed. We first tried the Farnsworth Inn, which was packed. So we headed further down toward the square and ended up at Pings. Not busy and very few reenactors. Everything ordered looked so good.

After eating, Bob graciously took me back to the hotel where I dropped my hoop and drove to Carolann’s to change and car pool to dinner. Carolann’s backyard is the battlefield, which is really cool. We spent a bit talking and Carolann gave me a 150th Gettysburg flag, which many businesses in town were flying. Several people from Michigan were joining us for dinner and when they arrived we headed for the Fairfield Inn about 20 minutes from Gettysburg. We were all so busy talking that I completely forgot about taking pictures. The dining room was pretty busy and the service was rather slow, but the food was delicious. I had the prime rib, which came with mashed potatoes and green beans. It was a wonderful ending to my wonderful experience with Remembrance Day.

After dinner I drove back to West Chester and Angie’s house as we visited the Barnes Foundation on Sunday. I returned to Texas on Monday. This trip was a great experience and I’m so glad I have such wonderful friends who helped make it such a great trip. Can’t wait for March!!

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