Saturday, November 2, 2013

The War at Home: 1863...Wasn't

The last three years a group of friends and I have been interpreting the Texas Civil War home front. This year was to be 1863. Well, a perfect collision of mishaps and nature resulted in the last minute cancellation of the event. The site, unfortunately, had double booked the site so there was a film company and a public event scheduled at the same time. Then some torrential rains came through and not only washed out some trails on the site but completely wiped out the native American camp site that was interpreted at Pioneer Farms. I do mean totally wiped out, nothing left. They did find some tepee poles in the creek. So while all this was disappointing it could not be helped so we will look at the first part of May for 1864.

Since we couldn't have an "event" it was suggested that those of us that could should go out to the farm in period work clothes and help where we could with the clean up or staff the buildings. Well I was the only one that showed up. So I occupied the Bell house for awhile today. There are some changes to the Bell house; one parlor is papered and the master bedroom painted. I'm not so sure about the colors, the rooms seem awfully dark for an era with no electric lights.

Gentlemen's Parlor

Master Bedroom
Another change was to the Texian farm; it has been closed off, no longer a dog run. This is for the filming and hope it goes back to an open dog run, which it should be to facilitate the air flow. It looks quant but just isn't right for the structure or time and place.

Unrelated to living history, I released a turtle that washed up on our back porch. He seemed to be very happy; sitting on a rock a short time and then jumping off into the stream. It was very relaxing out there today; a few visitors, great weather, friendly donkeys and I was called a grandma by a little girl (last weekend I was a princess). Not the event I had planned on, but not a waste of time either. I took a few other pictures of the site just 'cuz. You can find them here.

Next stop in the 1860s, Remembrance Day in Gettysburg in about 3 weeks! So back to much more to do...

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