Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Fabric Set Back

Well the perfect fabric wasn't enough; the seller only had five yards. Disappointed but now back on the hunt. I haven't been able to find another pique in an acceptable pattern; the fabric now seems to be primarily solids or in novelty prints like lobsters and teddy bears. So it looks like I will have to settle for a regular cotton and have found a few possibilities. I'm not ecstatic about anything I've found so far; they're nice and will do fine but nothing has really jumped out at me and said "I'm perfect!" I don't plan to make a final choice until I get back to Gettysburg in March to see what Needle and Thread has in stock.

I have started a Pinterest board to keep ones I've found that I like and will continue to add to it as I find others. You can see my collection so far at http://www.pinterest.com/netnet81/day-dress-redo/. Please feel free to leave a comment on this blog if any of them appear to you to be good choices.

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