Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Steamboats a-Comin'!

Yes, it's not until October 2014, but this event sounds like it's going to be such a highlight in my living history life that I'm preparing now. At first I had not intended to make anything new. I have the new dress I just made and plenty others, I have a ball gown, so I really don't need anything new. But...how can I pass up such an opportunity to make new dresses. I have about ten months and this is what I plan:

  • A new day dress: this will be a redo of one I made several years ago out of cotton. I love the dress and the fabric design, but it doesn't really fit well, and is not very well made. Did I mention I made this several years ago? Like over ten years ago?

The original plate I based it on describes it as a "robe of white piqué sprigged with small bouquets..." from Godey's 9/60.

So I'm on the look out for a similar fabric design and will remake the dress with my improved sewing skills and knowledge of period sewing.

  • A new ball gown: haven't decided on this one yet. But started a Pinterest board to keep inspiration ideas.

  • Repair undergarments.

  • Two new shirts for husband: hopefully this is all he'll need; hoping his linen suit and dress suit still fit.

Wish list: new hoop, new parasol, new straw bonnet.

Oh I love planning new wardrobe pieces!!

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Mackin-Art said...

This sounds like a fabulous event! May have to find a way to fit this into our schedule. Thanks so much for sharing!