Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen of the 1860s Day 4

A new day, new originals.

My pictures of the originals can be found on Flicker.

The first session on Sunday was Extraordinary Inducements: Why the East Went West presented by Elizabeth Stewart Clark. I was a bit disappointed in this session; I was expecting more on the reasons people emigrated. It seemed to me to be more a history lesson on the events going on in the US in the mid-19th century. It was an enjoyable session and Liz is a great presenter, but I think more diaries, letters, etc. illustrating people's reasons for going west would have better related to the topic title.

The last session of the conference was Susan Lyons Hughes speaking on What Every Reenactor Should Know About Life Before "The War". In this session, Susan emphasized the importance of understanding and having knowledge before the Civil War. It is important for our interpretations to understand the people living during the war just didn't crop up with no past. They had a knowledge of things that happened prior to 1861. A great session!

Before concluding the conference, Carolann announced that Genteel Arts would publish a historic journal focusing on the civilian side of living history. This will not be a monthly magazine, but rather a scholarly journal and Susan Lyons Hughes will be the editor. She also announced that the conference would undergo some changes but did not elaborate on this. Perhaps in a couple of months we will know what she has in store.

So ends another conference. This one was hard to leave for some reason. But other exciting living history events are on the horizon and the next conference is only a year away.

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