Friday, August 15, 2014

I'm Baack!!

Yes, it has been a while since I posted. Had some life changes, moved to Pennsylvania. But now I'm back and will again resume posting on my living history activities! As you may remember, I am attending Steamboats A'Comin' in Louisville KY in October. So of course I'm making a new dress.

I had no time before moving to start working on the pattern. I know, relatively last minute sewing. And since I seriously down sized before leaving Texas I needed to find a cutting table here in Pennsylvania before I could even start on the pattern. I was able to find a "hobby table" at Joann's and at half price! I really like it; it works well so far for me. I started on the pattern today. This dress will be machine sewn to save time (if I can remember how to use my machine). I had hoped to make a chemisette and a ballgown, not to mention finishing out the straw bonnet I bought. Not sure this will all get done. The day dress and bonnet for sure but I will probably have to make do with what I have for everything else.

So stay tuned for updates on the dress and the event.

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